Tutored Tastings


Maximus is happy, for a modest fee*, to share his expertise and enthusiasm in the form of a tutored beer tasting. This can make a novel evening’s entertainment as a charity fund-raising exercise, a corporate hospitality event or simply a bit of fun.

The optimum group size for a tasting is around 25-30 people, depending on the venue.

The session may begin with a short introductory talk on the history of beer and process of brewing, although this is optional if the audience consists mainly of seasoned drinkers (no point in preaching to the converted).

Typically a range of 10 to 12 beers will be sampled, either covering most of the world’s main beer styles or concentrating on varieties of English ale. Normally bottled beers will be used, owing to the impracticality of procuring that number of draught beers in the small quantities needed for tasting purposes.

Organisers might like to consider providing appropriate food to accompany the tasting (e.g. farmhouse cheese and crusty bread, sausages - even treacle tart which goes beautifully with certain old ales).

* Normally £100 plus travelling expenses where appropriate. This does not include the cost of the beer!

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