Beer Matters

Tasting at the Roadshow

The following is a loose transcript of a beer tasting which took place at the Ringing Roadshow and was ‘broadcast’ live, although whether anyone heard it above the din of assorted bells, fairground organs and 4,000 ringers’ voices is doubtful.

Andrew Stubbs about to apply his finely-tuned palate.

The Panel:
Maximus Bibendus, RW beer correspondent
Robert Lewis, RW Editor
Andrew Stubbs, former RW Chairman
Stella Bianco, RW board member

Roadshow Bitter - Tom Wood (Louth), 3.6% - on sale in the beer tent

MB: Interesting bouquet… Not terribly hoppy, a fairly weak beer but well-balanced. I could imagine drinking quite a lot of it, a good session beer.
RL: Good name… could drink a lot of it.
AS: Yes, a good session beer, I could spend more time today enjoying it.
SB: I’m not really a beer drinker but… very pleasant.

Maximus gives his verdict - Bellringer's Delight is the star of the show.

Bellringer - Abbey Ales (Bath), 4.2% - also on sale in the beer tent

MB: (nose in glass) I’m inhaling deeply… a more pronounced bouquet, very much hoppier. A more robust sort of beer, I rather like it. Interesting flavour, reminds me of something but I can’t remember what. Balance on the hoppy side.
RL: I’m feeling rather emotional about this as it is produced in Bath, close to where I used to live and I drank a lot of it.
AS: Has the indication of being a much stronger beer… not to be confused with the spa water in Bath.
SB: A much more beery beer… but I’d probably stick to the previous one.

Bellringer's Delight

Bellringers Delight - Shepherd Neame (Faversham), 4.5% - brewed for the Benenden Augmentation Appeal

MB: Quite distinct on the nose although it’s bottled and, I suspect, pasteurised... Got a thick head and a fulsome nose… Rather fine. A full, malty body and strong hint of Goldings hops in it as one might expect of a Kentish brew. I’m just having another good swig… Wonder if it’s dry-hopped? Quite amazing the way the hops come through.
RL: Fully agree… hint of brie cheese? I’ll buy two cases of it.
MB: I’ve bought two already – rather glad I did.
AS: Very, very tasty, although clearly a bottled rather than a draught beer… Being sold in an excellent cause. It’s on sale here so please make the most of it.
SB: A rich colour, quite gassy. A good investment as it’s helping a ringing project.
RL: I’m drunk.

MC: So it’s a thumbs up for the Bellringers Delight, which is on sale on the Hayward Mills stand. And the next three people to take out a subscription to the Ringing World will each receive a complimentary bottle.

At this point the party retired to the Editor’s hospitality room behind the RW stand with the remainder of the case of Bellringers Delight.

Reproduced by kind permission of The Ringing World.

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